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Two Way Satellite Internet
Posted by Hany Ismail on 26 May 2019 07:18 AM

Digital Satellites Provide Two-way satellite Internet service involves both sending and receiving data from a remote very-small-aperture terminal (VSAT) via satellite to a hub telecommunications port (teleport), which then relays data via the terrestrial Internet.

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Posted by admin on 13 October 2018 04:40 PM

Phone Service Over Satellite – VoIP Service & Equipment

Optimized and Cost Effective Voice Calling Over Satellite

If you require standard phone service over satellite, Digital Satellites specializes in satellite VoIP phone equipment & service when using our iDirect satellite network. Our fixed or mobile dishes can easily support 1 or 10 simultaneous phone conversations at service rates comparable to terrestrial phone providers. The best part of our optimized iDirect network is callers are often unaware they are speaking over a satellite connection. We offer our VoIP service globally.

Benefits Of VoIP Satellite Phone Service With Digital Satellites:

  • Plug-and-Play Crystal Clear Calls Over Our Premium Satellite Network.
  • Use any phone that will work identically to any landline phone, including a local phone number.
  • Connect 1 to 10 phones. Have 10 simultaneous calls over one satellite connection.
  • Low Latency (500-650 milliseconds), callers are often unaware they are speaking over satellite.
  • Phones will work over ANY Internet connection, not just over our satellite network.
  • Move the phone anywhere. It keeps the same phone number no matter your location.
  • Phone service has all the standard features such as voicemail, activity, call-forwarding etc,..
  • Faxing over satellite – we offer FoIP services for using any group 3 fax machine.
  • Online Portal – Track your account online from anywhere.
  • Easy to start. All equipment is configured, tested and plug-and-play ready when shipped.


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Posted by admin on 13 October 2018 04:39 PM

Maritime VSAT – Broadband at Sea

Digital Satellites offers a High Speed internet service with excellent NOC and on-board support. Unique about our Maritime Ku-band and Thor-7 Ka-band service is that it comes with our Voyager Platform services providing insight in, and control over, which applications use the Maritime internet services. Our VSAT internet provides optimization of vessel operations, enhancement of crew welfare, and boosted safety on board.

Global Maritime Ku-band VSAT

Digital Satellites offers flexible and scalable Ku-band VSAT service packages based on our own VSAT network and infrastructure. Our Global Ku-band Service require minimal 83cm antenna whereas are regional services are serving also 60cm antennas.

In key shipping areas we provide coverage using multiple satellites providing alternative line-of-sight options for vessels with single antenna set-ups.

We truly guarantee minimum user throughput speeds 100% and differentiate ourselves in providing high burst speeds.

Digital Satellites Ku-band plans are available from 512/128 kbps up to 20/5 Mbps.


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Posted by admin on 13 October 2018 04:38 PM

Inmarsat BGAN

BGAN Link is a leading satellite communications solution for fixed site internet service in remote locations, providing users with high volumes of standard IP data for all their business and personal connectivity. Bringing benefits such as speeds of up to half a megabit for business applications such as email, internet, and corporate VPN access, organisations can efficiently operate remote offices yet avoid bill shock with a fixed monthly fee.

Following recent success in the field, Inmarsat has announced some exciting changes to plans available on BGAN Link, as well as the geographies where the value proposition is available.



BGAN Link Back-Up Plans

We are delighted to announce the introduction of BGAN Link Back-Up plans, which offer the ideal back-up solution for fixed site VSAT service including Inmarsat Global Xpress when it launches later this year. From 1st April 2016, Digital Satellites will be offering BGAN Link Back-Up plans with a tiered pricing structure making the solution an ideal choice for a variety of users with different requirements. The new plans will feature a low base subscription charge each month, with additional charges based on ‘actual’ usage ranging from 20 MB up to 30 GB. This flexible structure means that Digital Satellites customers will not have to commit to large data bundles that may go unused each month should they not require back-up or emergency communications.


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Posted by admin on 13 October 2018 04:37 PM

Auto Deployment Satellite Internet

General Mobile Satellite Auto Deploy Antennas – All Systems

  • High-speed Internet access anywhere with a view of the sky.
  • iDirect service with speeds of up to 20 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up.
  • Use Ground Control or any iDirect satellite service provider worldwide.
  • VoIP phone service. Works like the phone on any desk for $49.95 per month.
  • Establishes a self-contained local area network at the touch of a button.
  • Establishes a wireless access point (on most systems) and wiring to computers is optional.
  • Dual satellite “Dual Matrix” service with iMobile redundant technology.
  • External computer control is not required. No software to install on computers.
  • Remote administration and usage statistics via any web browser.
  • Auto-stow safety feature if vehicle moves or dish goes off signal.
  • Excellent for live video broadcasting – dedicated services of 10 x 4 Mbps.
  • Hundreds of field technicians / installers in North America.
  • Highly skilled, U.S. based 24-7 always free phone support.


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